Our Experience

Originally, Mahone Bay Trading Company started as a variety store in the small town of Mahone Bay NS, selling everything from hardware to housewares and of course – shoes.

Two decades later that tiny shoe department has transformed into a vast selection of affordable and quality footwear brands.

What we discovered is customers were coming from all over Nova Scotia and beyond to buy our shoes. They see a great selection of styles and sizes that aren’t available in other stores. So every year we added more brands to our selection of shoes and boots, and the shoppers kept wanting more.

We listened by dedicating the entire space in the Mahone Bay to “Quality Footwear”. Our prices now range from $100 to over $600 and the focus remains on comfort, quality and service.

We have developed a special relationship with our suppliers, allowing us to bring unique products and exclusive brands to our customers.

Experience the difference… “Come take a walk in our shoes”.